- Telecomandă Universală! PC ;) ...

Uite-te la filmele preferate din fotoliu,

chemați-l familia să-i arăți cele mai noi poze făcute în excursie sau fă-ți un chef nemaipomenit, fiind propiul D.J., folosindu-ți pentru toate acestea doar de o singură telecomandă universală !!!

Cerințe minime Soft si Hard :

- Win95/98/Me ... P-II 400 ,

- Win2000/XP ... P-III 900 MHz...

Compatibil 100% cu Softurile Tale Preferate:

Media Players: Win Media Player, MPlayer, BS-Player, VLC, MV2-Palyer, PowerDVD, AtiDVD, Media Player Classic...

Image Viewers: ACDSee, Irfan-View, 11-View, I-fun View...

Softuri TV-Tuner: Ati TV, FlyDS ,WinFastPVR....

Muzică: WinAMP ...

File Managers: Windows Explorer, Total Commander, Free Commander, Turbo Navigator, Gyula's Navigator ...

Și incă multe altele pe care le poiți adăuga TU singur, cu doar 2..3 butonări...

How to start?!


Simply - Just Plug (Install) & Play..

Pressing the (0) button on the remote controller will open Quick Launch bar Or Start Menu..

Then press the (Vol-),(Vol+),(CH-Up),(GH-Down) as the cursor keys on the keyboard..

After (0), (pressing the (FAV/MAIN) - use on Win95 only) pressing the (SYSTEM) (emulating TAB key) will let you to

navigate between the Quick Launch Bar,Task Bar,Desktop and Start Menu..

(MUTE) is equivalent with Esc ..

(Power) it closes the active window ...

(Lock) is Space ..

(Sleep) is BackSpace ..

(FAV/MAIN) is Aft+F = Menu ..

(System) is TAB ..

(Store) is Enter ..

These are the default settings, but in the predefined Applications for IRsvr these

settings may differ.. For ex. in ACDSEE or POWERDVD the (2)(5) are Up,Down and (4)(6) are Left,Right..

So You might try to find yourself the meaning of each key for each App on the remote controller..

you will like it ;) (Some exercises will help you..)

Winamp can be closed with (Sleep) or (FAV/MAIN) to enter menu then here selecting Exit..

If you dont like some key settings, simply run the corresponding BAT file to reconfigure

the Application's settings you want.. If the 2 windows appeared (a little darker one and a bigger white),

just simply press the key on the KEYBOARD then the associated key on the REMOTE CONTROLLER, and so on ..

After finished, simply close the little IR-SVR window by clicking the green 'X' on the windows upper-Left corner..

If You want yourself to learn a new program to IRsvr, just make a BAT file with the

EXE's name as in the other BAT files, and learn the new keys to IRsvr as mentioned here..

(8.3 filenames for Win9x/Me and full long filenames for WinNt/2k/Xp)



-Plug In the Receiver into the !FIRST! AVAILABLE COM PORT !!!

-Disable any other Applications who use Remote Controllers..

(Ex:In WinFastWizard, select DISABLE in the Settings/Remote Controller menu)

-If the system stops responding, pressing Ctrl+Esc will bring

you back the control, if hanging was caused by IRsvr...

-WinAmp 5.x, Yahoo Messenger and Skype it may cause IRsvr to work with LESS! efficiency..

(//WinAmp 5.x, it may be fixed with WAMPFIX.EXE on WinXp..)


(Official soft for Win95/98/Me) irsvr9x.rar

(Official soft for Win2000/WinXP) irsvrxp.rar

(Experimental version for WinXP) irsvrxx.rar

Source Code ;)P

Public Electric Scheme =:):);)P=